Saving Moo-La-La!

I'm actually supposed to be a Dalmatian at a kid's birthday party but  a cow also comes to mind at this (ever so lovely)
 shot of me (and a great one of my friend, Shay!)...see, you know I like to keep it REAL with a pic like this!

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where SHOP. 
— Bo Derek

I don't really believe money can buy happiness...if that's the case then some days we must be stealing smiles cuz we got 'em whether or not we have mountains of cash in the bank!

But I do agree with the above quote in the sense that a GOOD DEAL or saving some MOO-LA-LA can make for one HAPPY MAMA (and, of course, PAPA)!!

Welcome to Saving Moo-La-La Mondays!

To begin: a confessional: I am NOT a converted coupon-clipper though I ADMIRE those who are and try to rub shoulders with them in the hope that I will one day walk among their great and economical ranks.  It just seems that with the gazillion other things I have going down these days, I don't have the time (or more accurately, don't MAKE the time) to do it, so this section will not be about that.

What it IS about is a place for us to swap ideas, thoughts and help cultivate a LIFE-STYLE of being savvy with our wallets!  

(By the way, here is a GREAT coupon tip blog site of one of those dear friends I try to rub shoulders with, check it out: Great Coupon Deals Blog)

Saving Moo-La-La #1: Scoring Christmas Steals

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