Friday, December 17, 2010

Marriage Marathon

Don’t tell me how long you have been married. Tell me what you have been through together.

I heard this statement and loved it!

Bob and I have been married for the birth of four kids, the loss of one. We have been through two shocking medical test results and a son that defied odds to be born. We have held our baby boy then held each other as he was wheeled away for two different surgeries. We have prayed together as we waited in a ER room with our children four different times.

We have shared three homes and five cars. We have gotten lost on road trips and shared delirious conversations as we tried to keep each other awake on the long drives home. We have celebrated wedding anniversaries everywhere from a lovely bed and breakfast to take out on our living room floor. We have shared a goodbye to a dear grandmother and celebrated special moments with others we are still blessed to have with us.

We have packed and unpacked boxes, painted walls, put together kid toys, tickle-wrestled each other to tears, laughed and cried during great movies and ran to the store at 1 am for a pacifier. We have held each other with a new sense of gratitude after a scary car accident and been speechless with joy for some of the gifts that have been given to us.

We are running a marathon together. A marathon called marriage. It’s blood, sweat and tears at times. But knowing there is someone at your side sharing the trek with you is one of the most profound blessings this side of Heaven.

Thank you God that I finally came to my senses and said YES to a crazy guy named Bob Cole.

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