Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gigantic Messes and Grocery Stresses

It was the worst of times and the worst of times...and it was only 5:30!

Bob was sufficiently warned when he walked through the door after work tonight, when I said, “Just pretend you are entering a war-torn country that has been bombed and nothing you are about to see will shock you.”

It was one of THOSE days...

After coming home from the grocery store, inspiration struck (I really should have just struck it back and chosen sanity instead) and I decided to reorganize all my kitchen cupboards and pantries.  Of course, while I was doing this (with Gabby in my backpack), the kids were busy “reorganizing” the rest of the house.

After 3 or 4 hours of simplifying and redecorating, we had one gigantic mess.
Ask me the question if I ever take on too much and I can’t tell a lie, the answer is an emphatic YES!

It’s as if I have a speech impediment that prohibits the word no from being formed in my mouth or entertained in my mind.  Let’s run through today’s events and see what went wrong…

Thought: I’m going to go to the grocery store with my four children.  
Solution ending in happiness and mental health: DON’T DO IT.

Thought: Now that I’m home and done unloading a dump truck load of groceries in freezing weather as my baby’s wailing so loudly that the neighbors put earplugs in; I think I will now reorganize every cupboard in my kitchen.
Solution ending in happiness and mental health: Obviously this is a thought from the devil, don’t do it!

Thought: Okay, now that I’m neck-deep in cans and boxes of food, why not cook some freezer meals since I have all this food out?
Solution ending in happiness and mental health: Take a nap instead.

Well, here’s the update: the mess is still alive and well, held at bay for now by the closed pantry door (by the way: don’t open that pantry, my dear, if you want to see tomorrow) and I skipped out on helping Bob get the rest of the house back to normal so I could get dinner with a friend.  There are days my man could earn his weight in gold; bless his heart!

When I got home tonight, two thoughts entered my mind and I think they are finally some good ones.

1.  You must do less.
2.  Tomorrow is a new day (and this big mess will be waiting for you then).

His mercies are new every morning…Lam. 3:23

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