Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hit List #4: King/Queen of the Day (Kid Ideas)

"King/Queen of the Day" RULES
(These are some ideas our family does for the King of the Day but add your own pizazz to them!)

King/Queen of the Day!
*Breakfast: Choose anything to eat for breakfast for the family!
*At breakfast: everyone goes around and shares what they 
LOVE about the King/Queen.
*All meals: A parent or sibling clears their plates/etc. for the King/Queen.
* Use The Special Plate and Cup at every meal.
* Dinner: Choose your favorite meal and help cook it with Mom!
* Pick ONE special outing/activity to do that day! 
(may be a family event or something by themselves)
* Stay up past bedtime with Mom & Dad!

Believe it or not, these are actually Burger King Kid's Club crowns (FREE!) that I made up for the kids in no time at all and for pretty cheap when it was all said and done.
1. Painted them (acrylic paints work great) in their favorite colors (took a guess at what Gabby's will be!) = $1/paint bottle
2. Applied shiny things purchased at WalMart = $2
3.  Applied glitter & glitter stickers (for their name) = $4
4.  Took them in to the printers and had them sealed in a heavy laminate = $9 (but could do this cheaper your self though may be a bit more work)
5.  Total cost for "lifetime crowns" = $19 (but could be cheaper if you have less children or just use stuff you have in your craft box already!)
Good Luck! 
Let me know (comments below) if you like this idea and how it worked out for you!

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