Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chicken Pesto Panini (Tasty Stuff)

It was love at first bite when my husband and I went out to a local eatery and tasted their chicken pesto panini!  I am not a gourmet chef, but I took on the challenge of making a sandwich that would hit the spot on the days we couldn't escape for a date night and needed to have date night IN.  ThIS is the result...it's pretty easy to make and super tasty (or so me and my hubby think)!  Enjoy! 
*Note: I don't usually use EXACT measurements so add a little more/less to YOUR taste!

Chicken Pesto Panini
* Chicken tenderloins, thawed (you'll need about 2 per sandwich)
* Tony's seasoning, to taste (or season salt)
* Olive oil, about 2 or 3 Tbls.
* 3 to 5 Tbls. of shredded Parmesan
* 3 to 5 Tbls. pesto sauce (I use a store bought pre-made, use whatever you like best!)
* Muenster cheese (2 slices per sandwich)
* Red onion (I use about 1/2 an onion for 2 sandwiches)

Here's the HOW:

Heat up the oil in a pan and throw those babies in the fryer!  Sprinkle liberally with Tony's (my best bud from my Louisiana days!) and flip once they have "seared" (lightly browned on each side) then cover with lid to cook through.

Meanwhile, slice up that red onion into strips....yum!  Throw them in with the chicken (on the side) when the chicken is almost cooked through.

Spread the pesto sauce on top of the chicken at the end.  Just heat it, flipping to coat both sides but be careful not to leave it in pan more than a minute or pesto will start to burn!

Meanwhile, cut up bread of YOUR choice to prep for grilling the sandwich.

Top the chicken with the shredded Parmesan at the END and remove from heat.  (mouth watering in anticipation!!)

Line up all your ingredients to ready sandwich for assembly.  You may use a George Foreman or panini press to grill it...or just make a sandwich, no grilling even required!  (we do usually like it grilled!)

Ready to grill!! (Heat up just a few minutes, check often!!)

Chicken Pesto Panini to go...or to STAY home and enjoy with your sweetie!  (Serve with a side of ranch and  sweet potato fries if desired!)

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