Friday, January 21, 2011

Losing Nemo

There is so much talk about “seeing the big picture” all the time and I think that’s important sometimes but not all the time.  Sometimes it’s actually better to see the “little picture”.

This video is today’s story.

We were in Mall of America a few years ago and Gideon (age 2) was about to ride the escalator up, or at least attempt to, as will be made apparent.  He also had just got a new little Nemo toy that he loved and cherished…which will also be made apparent.  

I was thinking back to this day and had to smile when I realized Gideon was seeing the little picture.  As he tumbled over backwards down a falling escalator, all he could think about was his precious Nemo fish that was quickly riding upwards and away from his grip. Everything was crashing around him but he knew that if he could just hang on to what was really important he would be okay.

*Once his Nemo fish was returned to him, Gideon was perfectly fine although his leg was a little sore from his Grandpa’s lightening-fast catch!

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